#IndiaGlancing: What is trending with Indian users?

At Glance, we exist to enrich every moment of our users’ lives by enabling them to discover relevant and premium experiences in the smartest way possible.  

Constantly striving to live up to our users’ expectations also gives us a wealth of insights into their preferences, desires, and aspirations. The Glance Smart Lock Screen Trends Report India 2024 distils all the insights we have gathered from our platform usage data, user surveys, and in-depth user interviews over the previous year. We strongly believe that the trends derived from these are going to shape the times to come. 

Whether you are a smartphone maker, brand, developer, creator, or publisher, the trends unveiled in this report should be helpful to you in understanding and connecting with your audience.

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Where is the Indian content consumption journey headed?
What are users 'glancing' at every moment of every day?
How can ecosystem players better connect with users?