Which countries is Glance Smart Lock Screen available in?

The creation of Glance by an Indian start-up, InMobi, in 2019 marked a turning point in the mobile industry. Using cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Glance has revolutionised the way people use their smartphones. By analysing user behaviour and interests, Glance delivers customised content on the lock screen that is tailored to the user's preferences. This makes it easier than ever for users to access the content they care about most without having to navigate through multiple apps. 

The success of Glance in India quickly spread to other countries, including Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. Glance's ability to provide a personalised experience to users has made it a top choice for many smartphone users around the world. Its expansion to other countries has further solidified its position as a leading smart lock screen provider globally.  

What sets Glance apart is its ability to constantly adapt to users' interests and preferences, ensuring that the content displayed is always relevant and engaging. This has made it a popular choice among users looking for a more personalised experience on their lock screens. Additionally, Glance's partnerships with major brands and publishers have enabled it to offer a wide range of content, including news, entertainment, sports, and more. 

Overall, Glance has quickly become one of the most innovative and successful smart lock screen providers in the world. With its unique approach to personalised content delivery and its expanding global reach, Glance is poised to continue its growth and success in the mobile industry for years to come.  

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