Screen Zero is where every consumer’s every internet journey begins.
It is where a consumer starts from, when she has an intent
in mind – I-need-to-know, I-need-to-do, I-need-to-buy or I-need-to-go. 
It doesn’t matter if the consumer is on an online journey or an offline journey. The mobile is what she reaches out to regardless of the product, service or experience that she wants. And Screen Zero is where she will start. 
Screen Zero is omni-present.  It is present not only during micro-moments, but at every moment that she embarks on a digital journey.
A casual reach out for the phone to check the time, a cursory glance to view app notification, a furtive look at the phone to avoid someone in the elevator, a sneak at the device to get away from boredom
in a meeting – they all start with Screen Zero. 
Screen Zero goes beyond the mobile. The consumers encounter Screen Zero throughout the day, across multiple devices – not only when she reaches out for her mobile device during innumerable micro-moments; but also when she is in a lean-forward mode working on her laptop or desktop, or when she is in a lean-back mode watching connected TV or tablet.
In short, Screen Zero is present in a consumer’s life throughout the day, across devices – mobile, laptop, desktop, connected TV and tablet; it spans online and offline experiences and delivers products, services, knowledge, content, entertainment – everything that a consumer needs.
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