Did you know ? You unlock your phone 150 times a day! Now…imagine a world where each time you unlock your phone, you see a stunning image with an interesting story behind it. How amazing would it be to experience moments of joy, wonder and inspiration 150 times a day ?  

With Glance on your phone, you don’t have to imagine this any more! With Glance, you get to see breathtaking new stories from across the world! Whether it’s about important global events or that next big thing in fashion, you will know it all. And it’s personalized to your unique taste. .

So whether it’s adding new destinations to your bucket list or learning how to make that delicious cheese burst pizza with a twist, all it takes is a Glance!

Intrigued ? Well, discover more about Glance here. With millions of users like you loving Glance everyday, here’s a look at some of the most popular glances from the last week. Enjoy!

1. Unraveling the grandeur of the Great Wall of China!

2. The dog with an empathetic bone!

3. The unusual and extreme effort behind a good, fluffy bread!

4. Around the world in 502 days!

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